Does Australia’s new kangaroo logo refresh their tourism?

Australia’s most recent national brand logo was unveiled in July 2020 amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and was widely ridiculed for its very strong resemblance to a COVID-19 virus particle.

But now, Australia has presented a new national logo, featuring a minimalist kangaroo made of boomerangs and the word ‘Australia’ in dark green capital letters with the tagline ‘Only in Australia’.

The design was chosen for reportedly being “representative of a modern, capable and inclusive country.”

Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan shares:

“Strong nation brand and tagline will reinforce Australia’s reputation as an internationally competitive investment destination, a great place to visit, a quality provider of education, and a trusted exporter of premium goods and services.”

While Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council argued at the time that the country’s traditional kangaroo symbol did not adequately represent Australia, critics claimed the image looked like the “coronavirus under a microscope” and that it was “insulting” that Australian taxpayers had to pay for it.